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Welcome on our site!

Hello friends! We are Bojan, Ivana, Maša and Uma, a happy and cheerful family enjoying life with our amazing dogs. As true animal lovers and especially dog fans, we wanted our children, Maša and Uma to develop that kind of love as well. So, in September 2008 a new arrival reach our home, Bucka. She was a gentle, very playful and loyal English Bulldog. Bucka made our life happy and made our belief in friendship with dogs ever so real.

For their loyalty and love dogs ask just so little; a kind pat on the head and a few sweet words meet their full understanding. Only a dog is able to greet you in such authentically loving way and at once offer to share his or her happiness with you. Our Bucka created for herself a big role in the upbringing of our children. With her they learned to be more social, to forgive faster, to develop more positive emotions and to play better. She taught a different kind of love, one that only dogs can give. And for the adults in our home she was a living proof that English Bulldogs are not the lazy, stubborn chubbies the world usually takes them to be but so much more. Unfortunately, Bucka’s life came to a screeching halt only too soon; We will never be able to forget the sad look in the eyes of a great dog with her heart drumming away its last beats. After this we were inconsolable for a long time. And then, just by chance, we met some wonderful people who will recognize themselves in these lines! They helped us and with them into our lives walked in a beautiful, cutely crumpled, red-white female Bulldog. A famous psychologist Ben Williams once wrote that no psychiatrist’s help is equal to a puppy licking your face! We feel that to be so very true. Our new dog conquered our hearts swiftly. Once again we were very lucky to get a dog who truly was a spring of endless love. Well, her name is Berta and she happened to come down from a distinguished line of famous and prized ancestors. Berta is our pride and joy and daily happiness! And to make things even more excited and our lives double the happier, another friendly bulldog face joined our family just recently. This outstanding softy has a brave face, a big heart and most excellent blood lineage – our Captain!

With these amazing creatures everything in life becomes nicer and more easy. Our family, more than ever before, now feels like a united team ready to walk ahead in big steps towards more days of joy, play and laugher!

We welcome you all to Maumi Bulldogs!